C-logic, Inc.

Fabrication Engineering Services 

C-logic, Inc. offers structural metal fabrication services to a broad range of industries. With years of experience, our staff is uniquely qualified to take your product from design to finished product, providing turnkey fabrication services. Our diverse project experience with structural fabrication projects provides us with the ability to understand your application no matter how basic or complex and work with you to recommend the most effective fabrication and finishing  services to ensure that the product we manufacture will meet all your application requirements. We’ll provide the solution so that you project is right, on time and on budget. 

We serve all industries, specializing in automotive, industrial manufacturing, power generation, material handling, construction, and process equipment industries.

Some of the products we fabricate are: 

Engineered Products
Protection Structures 
Handrail components 
Robotic Bases
Custom Containers
Overhead Lifting Structures 
Process Fixtures to Tolerances 

Our fully equipped fabrication facility utilizes the latest fabrication equipment and manufacturing technology. We have the capability to fabricate to tight tolerances, meeting your exact requirements and providing you with a high quality finished product. We manufacture all quantities, from prototypes and single part orders to full production runs.