C-logic, Inc.

Arc Flash/Electrical Studies 

C-logic, Inc. uses SKM Power Tools software to evaluate fault current, coordination and arc flash values for electrical equipment.


We produce Arc Flash Labels in house that meet requirements of NFPA 70E and OSHA.  Arc flash labels are required for electrical equipment installed after 2002.  Any equipment requiring maintenance should have an arc flash label. We use a Brady printer with white polyester material that is weather and chemical resistant for arc flash labeling.


We can format label to fit your needs.


Included in our studies is an AutoCAD and Adobe PDF layout of electrical riser.  Here is a sample of a riser that we include in the report.


Coordination studies ensure that upstream and downstream equipment (protective relays, circuit breakers, fuses and equipment) are properly designed, adjusted and coordinated to isolate a faulted circuit.

Following is a sample of a graph we will produce to indicate the coordination of your system.




Here is a sample label: